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What you mean when you say, that with H7600 you can create your own presets?

With the 7600 you can create new presets from the ground up, whereas the Eclipse only allows you to "tweak" existing presets and to combine them in pairs. Depends on what you need and your time and skill


What is the   " ±3 octaves (formant corrected) "


The 7600 and 8000 have a formant corrected vocal shifter, the Eclipse does not.


Is this product right for me?

You need a more objective view than I can offer. Many people use these units with guitar.


What other differences that not mention in this page

These are the main issues – the Eclipse is easier to use and cheaper, the others do more if you are prepared to spend the time with them. Up to you.


Can i "bypass" the Eclipse but changing presets while it's bypass?


If you mainly want pitch shifting, you could also look at our "PitchFactor" stompbox.