I wanna buy “ECLIPSE”. Help me.Is the right choice for me?

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      Hellow.I need a pitch shifter/harmonizer effect processor.After a lot of search, i saw that Eventide is far away from the other manufacturers, especially in harmonizer effects.But i have some questions to ask you,because i want to buy something that it's right for me.I know that you're a very big company and you take thousands of e-mails everyday,but please answer me when you have a little free time.Please…
      1) What you mean when you say, that with H7600 you can create your own presets? In Eclipse you can't? Maybe i want to have in one preset pitch shifting with delay and in one other preset only harmonizer.The Eclipse has 390presets that cannot be created/modified  as i want? Where are the limits of Eclipse,especially in preset programming?
      2)What is the   " ±3 octaves (formant corrected) " of the "PitchShift Range" that the Eclipse don't has(it's only in H7600 & H8000FW).It's something  has to do with vocals?
      3)I'm gonna use my Harmonizer effect processor ONLY with electric guitar and i'm playing hard rock & heavy metal.I will use it in the effect loop of my amp.I'm playing with full of distortion sometimes and first of all i want to buy this effect processor especially (and not only) for Harmonizer/Pitch shifter. Is this product right for me?
      4)I read the "Harmonizers Product Comparison" page.What other differences that not mention in this page has the Eclipse from the H7600? I feel that i'll be ok with the Eclipse in my rack, use it maybe only for it's Pitch shifter/Harmonizer,but if i cannot create my presets (maybe 5 or 6 presets) as i want, maybe it's better to wait end keep my money, work harder and more hours a day and buy your next level product in the future. 
      5)Can i "bypass" the Eclipse but changing presets while it's bypass? So when i need to "harmonize" the last notes of my solo, the preset i want will be already recalled and i only need to push with my foot only one button to "bypass off" the unit,so it will be very instant change.Otherwise, i'll put the Eclipse in one loop of my looper rack  and it'll be ok with this. But i'm asking you this, because i don't want to spend a loop for a unit like this that is true bypass with relay(Excellent).I read some articles about a little delay,but i really don't care about it.I want SOUND.
      I love guitar and i want the best for her.That's why i'm ready to buy a unit like this.I don't know if i live another life, but in this life i wanna play guitar and i wanna have the sound that i dreamed.There are pedals out there that have no serius cost,that maybe they can do some things for pitch shifting/harmonizing,but i don't want to fool myself.At the end,they do nothing at all.I prefer to wait some months to buy something really good.I don't care about the price,i'm healthy and i'm working.I want "SOUND".
      Thank you for your time

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      Eventide Staff


      What you mean when you say, that with H7600 you can create your own presets?

      With the 7600 you can create new presets from the ground up, whereas the Eclipse only allows you to "tweak" existing presets and to combine them in pairs. Depends on what you need and your time and skill


      What is the   " ±3 octaves (formant corrected) "


      The 7600 and 8000 have a formant corrected vocal shifter, the Eclipse does not.


      Is this product right for me?

      You need a more objective view than I can offer. Many people use these units with guitar.


      What other differences that not mention in this page

      These are the main issues – the Eclipse is easier to use and cheaper, the others do more if you are prepared to spend the time with them. Up to you.


      Can i "bypass" the Eclipse but changing presets while it's bypass?


      If you mainly want pitch shifting, you could also look at our "PitchFactor" stompbox.

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      Thank you very much!  I didn't expect so quick response.I' ll consider everything you told me and i'll take the right decision.First of all i'll read all the manuals (after downloading them from your site)  and all the details in them. Maybe this is the most important and interesting product i want to buy for my guitar.

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