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But is it variable Z impedance?  Because Digidesign forum members are saying to just get an eleven rack, but if the impedance can be properly matched to an electric guitar with either avtive or passive pickups, then i see no reason for buying an eleven rack for DI purposes.

You say nothing in the chain will increase quality.  But this guy names J i go to for knowledge says the eventide will act as almost an aural excited, even if i dont use any effects, but just pass the signal through it maybe through some block thats doesn't do much.   This could be true, because before i passed through a crappy rough signal but it definetly increased the fidelity in a synthetic way.

Yes I', getting ok results… but what would you or your best engineers say is the noticeably higher qualit method from the following two options:  1) passing the signal through eclipse and then in optical DI to my interface and then using Pod Farm in Pro Tools to process that increased quality signal… or 2)  First plugging into my Pod X3 (which is exactly the same engine as the Pod Farm Plug-in with the exact same preset (trust me it sounds exactly the same), and then going out of that spdif (the only option) and in spdif to the eventide eclipse, and then out of the eclipse digitally either spdif or optical to my sound card?  Because intuitively, it seems that improving a signal before the distortion and virttual.amps/mics and  cabs in pro tools would not have much effect as exciting the signal after the fact like with option#2.  Becauee once i had an aural exciter pedal and it did not do much to the signal before input… but did alot more in the fx loop when placed after distortion.

And finally,  I was told by some other salesman that the eclipse sound quality is as high fidelity as the 8000 and 7600.  Is this true?