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all other inputs (AES, ADAT, Firewire) are set to "unlocked".

This is why the ext light is blinking- if any routed input is unlocked, blinking will occur. Since there are so many possible inputs, it is easy to have things routed without knowing it.


Second, the driver isn't recognized in Windows XP, at all, despite that fact that it is advertised so. The DICE application refuses to load. Reinstalling the driver didn't do anything.

Obviously it should – please contact support@eventide.com and reference this post.


it says that the Ricoh controller (the Firewire controller that is..) is not compatible with DICE drivers.

This is may well be the case – some controllers do not work well enough to be supported. Sorry – not much we can do.


Firewire occassionally changes momentarily to Unlocked and back to OK.

Do you get audio dropouts when this happens ?