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i like to do midi control with control change messages via DAW and as i understand this is easier with eclipse compared to h8000

Slightly easier, but not a big difference.


so when doing parameter changes with eclipse from DAW, is it glitch free?

It depends on the preset and the parameter. The more common ones are smoothed, but not all.


is there any problem using spdif in/out from DAW to soundcard to eclipse and back?

No problem at 44.1 or 48k. We don't recommend the use of S/PDIF at higher sample rates.


i also like to use the vocoder thing, is the ecplise capable of the same kind of vocoder as h8000?

They are different machines so do not have the same presets. The Eclipse has some vocoder functions.


what about latecy when using spdif

None especially – anything the Eclipse introduces will be probably much less that that in your DAW.