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Hi nickrose,

excuse me for the mistakes on the multiple replies answers 🙂

anyway,based on your questions,I've tried everything both without the Vol.pedal and in THRU too, this is the final result:

with a preset like the 6518(Pcm 70 Sax Hall) this is the result:

on the Fronta Input of the Amp 1,where is connected my bass, I listen to a litlle bit higher volume signal,with a good balance between the sound of my bass and the wet sound, instead on the Amp 2,where there isn't connected anything on the Frontal Input,I listen only a full wet signal.

with a preset like 218 (Gorgeus Delays),with the same wiring,I listen to the sound ONLY on the Amp 1,where is connected my bass,on the Amp 2 there is NO SOUND.

the same happens if I load the preset #12 THRU,the signal becomes MONO,like the preset #218(Gorgeous Delay) and I only listen to the sound on one of the 2 Amps.

also,with the help of my DAW,I've noticed that when I load THRU or a preset like the #218 the signal is Mono,when I load a preset like the #6518 the signal becomes Stereo,but with the problem that I listen to a different kind of sound on the 2 Amps,as I said before.

the only way that I found to solve this problem,is to use an Y cable jack mono—dual mono,

but I guess that this is not the best solution,

let me know