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Thanks for the prompt reply!

For clarification purposes, are these preset numbers how off limits or can I still use them? If I do use them, can the unit distinguish between external and internal by other means.

Currently I'm using a 128M flash card, which is seemingly way overkill for the amount of presets I can use. Is there any way a future point release can expand the number of external slots available or is this feature so embedded in the design that it would be a large effort?

I'm using this unit for live performances so it would be useful to be able to move presets in and out of internal memory as needed for individual shows. Obviously I can still do this, but with current limitation of presets and no segmentation/partitioning of the external flash, it seems somwhat limiting and a limitation of otherwise huge flash cards that I've outgrown for photgraphy work.

On another note, is there any way for me to override the "factory preset" designation on some of the presets that are essentially built upon the same algorithms while continuing to protect the ones I feel are more useful.

Do you have recommended procedures that have worked for other customers for shuffling presets between an external computer and/or external flash card(s) and the internal memory?

The work that has been put into the starting presets is impressive, but I believe many of them need some tweaking for my use.