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Yay!  It lives!!!

I drove up to Arcosanti yesterday, but got there too late to look at the H8000 before the show.  Great show by the way!  Check it out: Different Skies

I drove back to Tucson after the show (got home at 5:30AM!) and after a bit of sleep, I dove into the Harmonizer.  First off, I see why they have to charge so much for repairs – man, it took a while to take the thing apart!!!  Secondly, I'm impressed, not only is this thing the best audio effects unit in the universe, it is build like a beast!  Kudos to Italo and Nick and whoever else was involved with creating this thing!  I'm extra inspired now to finish up the new software so we can really show the world what the Harmonizer is capable of.  (Power *and* ease of use…)

I think the desert heat was a contributor to this unit's woes – Paul was using this one outside at Arcosanti all day long, every day, for a week.  There is plenty of room on the left side of the case, so I'm adding a cooling fan.  That should help prevent this problem from happening again.  OK, next stop, more sleep, but then more ERC development!