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      Hi everyone. I'm 24 hours away from a major festival in Arizona, and 24 hours before we are due to go live, our H8000 crashed and won't restart. It now gives a Startup Error "Analog I/O code 1000" and offers a Continue option that doesn't do anything.

      I am also writing an email to tech support, but I don't know if anyone's there over the weekend (the error happened almost exactly at the close of business on Friday, like they ALWAYS do) . 

      Can anyone tell me what the problem might be, and if there's any fix we can do in the field with no specialized equipment? We're freaking out here…


      Mike Metlay

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      Also, this is my H8000FW, and the future of vSigX depends upon it…

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      Yay!  It lives!!!

      I drove up to Arcosanti yesterday, but got there too late to look at the H8000 before the show.  Great show by the way!  Check it out: Different Skies

      I drove back to Tucson after the show (got home at 5:30AM!) and after a bit of sleep, I dove into the Harmonizer.  First off, I see why they have to charge so much for repairs – man, it took a while to take the thing apart!!!  Secondly, I'm impressed, not only is this thing the best audio effects unit in the universe, it is build like a beast!  Kudos to Italo and Nick and whoever else was involved with creating this thing!  I'm extra inspired now to finish up the new software so we can really show the world what the Harmonizer is capable of.  (Power *and* ease of use…)

      I think the desert heat was a contributor to this unit's woes – Paul was using this one outside at Arcosanti all day long, every day, for a week.  There is plenty of room on the left side of the case, so I'm adding a cooling fan.  That should help prevent this problem from happening again.  OK, next stop, more sleep, but then more ERC development!

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      Eventide Staff

      This is almost certainly too late to help you, but just in case …

      This error means that it thinks that th audio hardware is the wrong type. This is almost certainly due to a bad connection, so the first step would be to remove the top and jiggle all sockets and socketed parts, especially U106 (square chip in center of board) and those in the analog area (behind XLRs).

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      Hi Doug,

      Nice to know that your H8000-FW is fine again! I am looking forward to seeing what you have made in VSigX!

      Regards, Yannis

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      Yes, it was quite the relief to see it boot up again!

      vSigX has changed a bit since I took over.  I added a text editor, a bunch of dialog boxes, and MIDI support so that I could edit my GTR4000.  I suppose the biggest thing is the librarian that can interact with my online patch archive…

      Recently, I have been working more on what I'm calling ERC, the remote control application for interacting with the Harmonizer.  It's pretty involved, but I've been creating a scripting language so that I can automate various things that can't be done with a single button press (e.g. saving a patch).  I'm hoping to release the first version next month…

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      Very, releaved that you got it working again Doug. Also glad that it inspired you to dig in again on the software.

      Thanks again for the loner.


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