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Eventide Staff

The way these products work makes it hard to give a precise answer to your question. Because each algorithm is made from a large number of different modules, it is possible for a given algorithm to have 10 modulators. Or none. Comparing them to a fixed structure analog synth is not helpful or relevant.

The Eclipse has a standalone modulation block to which you refer. But, also, individual algorithms may have built-in modulation sources. You will have to study the Algorithms Manual to identify these.

The 2U units have from 400 to almost 2000 programs or algorithms, many of which will have extensive modulation capability. There is no Algorithms Manual for these – it would be too big. You can also create your own algorithms – if you wanted 50 modulators, you probably could. It would depend on what you are trying to achieve.

In practice, counting individual features like modulators, while it may make sense for a hardware synth, makes little sense with units like ours. What is important is the quality and range of sound that these produce. Our customers seem to agree.