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Thanks for the reply Nick.

I spent some time looking over the manual on the DSP7000 and I understand it's architecture much better now. I knew the signal processing was modular, but did not know that modulation was also open-ended. It reminds me a lot of Reaktor, just with dedicated hardware, DSP, outstanding AD/DA, and much more of a focus on signal processing / effects and less a focus on synthesis. I took my buddies H8000FW for a test drive and I was blown away at the quality of the AD/DA. There's a distinct "musical" presence somewhere in the 4khz-8khz range that is just butter to the ears 🙂 I was also blown away at the precision in which parameters are modulated in real-time via modulators. The resolution is outstanding.

That being said, I still believe the Eclipse is severely limited in modulation capabilities for the asking price. I decided to go ahead and pick up a DSP7000 in great condition on Ebay for $1700 instead. With that much more capability and the option for VSIG, it's just hard to justify paying $2k for a new Eclipse.

Hopefully after getting some life from the DSP7000, I'll move up to an Orville or higher to take advantage of Eve/NET. Looks like a great device.