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you need to set up your midi f/c  tap tempo firstly to work with 11 R. cc64 (say ch1). Then go to externals on the Eclipse (midi ch 2) and set source to damper, then page 2 to capture…… The Eclipse will learn the cc64 and automatically set is receive ch(for this function) to base -1 (brilliant feature this !). You now have tap tempo going from 1 cc and 1 midi ch on your foot controller to both units ! COOL…..note the 11 rack has a stupid bug, in that momentary midi cc (for tap tempo) double the tap rate, so a 80 bpm tap, will come up as 160bpm on the 11, and 80 bpm on the Eclipse. You can get around this by setting the sync settings in the 11r. Avid know about this, but are typically slow (about a year since I pointed it out) in fixing…….