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As expected – this works very well!

For the TF Looper I assigned these parameters to external controllers:

Record = ext#3 (general 1 = midi CC#16 momentary)

Play = ext#4 (general 2 = midi CC#17 momentary)

Stop = ext#5 (general 3 = midi CC#18 momentary)

On my G system floorboard I have three switches dedicated to sending these midi CC#s – so this allows me to Record, Play and Stop with my feet – nice!

Now what I'd love is a programmable small MIDI footswitch to dedicate to this, so I don't have to give up three functions on my G system!  The Behringer FCB will get me there, but it would be nice to have something that is like 3-5 switches instead of an additional full floorboard….