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is there any sense in even Keeping my Apogee rosetta converter?

Your main reason to keep this would be that you enjoy its sound quality.


Because I heard that the Eventide can also serve as the master wordclock…. but is this clock as stable as the apogee wordclock or do I still need my apogee?

Pretty much any part of your system with W/C out could serve as the master – which one you pick is mainly down to the overall system design. The H8000 W/C out is pretty stable when it is running on internal crystal – if it is being driven by AES/ADAT its quality will be dependent on that of the AES/ADAT. Apogee products also have a very good reputation.

Sorry – these are complex topics with no simple answer.

The 7600 lacks many things that the H8000 has, mainly to try and reduce the cost. Also, optical S/PDIF is mainly used for consumer applications, rather than professional audio. There is no easy way to add it to the H7600.

A Web search for "optical spdif converter" will produce a number of low cost adaptors, but we have no experience of them as this issue rarely comes up.