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Hi Aro,

Unfortunately I can't help in your question but you may help me. I assume that your devices are in a guitar rack, aren't they.

How did you do the Midi setup of the PCM92? I mean there is no midi mapping and in the manual there is the following written:


Controller 32 is sent to the system (to select the desired bank),
followed by a Preset Change message to select a preset. The Bank values are
“sticky,” meaning the PCM92 will remember the Bank values for each MIDI
channel. It is not necessary to send a Bank change with each Preset Change
unless the Bank has indeed changed.


I have a pretty similar midi controller but I didn't manage to get it to work. I have one system preset with mono in and stereo out and several machine presets with only one virtual machine. the system has no midi channel because there is only one. The virtual machine has a midi channel. The problem is that I don't know what is meant by the explanation from the manual.

Could you help me?