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I recommend directing your new and forthcoming hardware questions to one of the following:

Jason Beck – President

Richard Factor – Co-founder and Chairman

Orville Green – Co-founder

Steven Katz – Co-founder

Robert Kovarcik –  Director of Operations

Although this is the most recent information I have, it is a bit old and may not be entirely accurate, but should give you a starting place.

I think it is important to be aware that the engineers and technicians are exactly that; they clearly excel at their jobs, but they are not marketing people. A new equipment release necessarily involves lots of non-technical issues and it may not be reasonable to ask engineers and technicians about such matters. I think such would be tantamount to expecting every musician to have expert knowledge about the construction of a piano, or expecting a piano craftsman to have expert skills playing piano. I would therefore recommend you take your question up with one of the gentlemen named above.

Just one more note – even the executives may be unable to give you the information you are looking for due to issues of competition. Sad to say, but we surely live in an era defined by the value of stock. Premature announcements of products, even non-publicly, have a nasty history of lowering stock value. In any event though, they will tell you what they can, I feel certain of that much.

My own opinion – buying an H8000FW was one of the best musical decisions I've ever made. The best equipment with the smartest people providing support – hard to go wrong!