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      After a lot of research, I'm buying a H8000FW.  

      One nagging issue that still, well…nags at me: The H8000 has been out for some time, and while the company cannot comment on any new product that might succeed the H8000FW, they will not deny that there isn't something in the works that won't be announced eminently.

      With DSP processing technology advancing (e.g., the ADI Sharc family of processors: [http://www.analog.com/en/embedded-processing-dsp/tigersharc/processors/index.html), and the competition coming out with new high-end, effects-processing products in the last few years (e.g., Axe-FX–based on the ADI TigerSharc DSP, and getting a lot of buzz about its performance and quality; even though, it's really not exactly in the same product category as the H8000, because of it's amp/cab simulations, and the fact that it's tailored more for guitar usage), it does seem to indicate that Eventide will need up the stakes, at some point, to remain at the top of the effects-processing industry.

      So, what I like to get perspective on–with the help of long-time Eventide product owners–is what are typical Eventide's policies regarding existing owners of the top of the line processors, from their experience?  Do they usually offer a upgrade path on such hardware?

      I know that they had upgrade paths from the original H8000, all the way to the H8000FW.  But that's a bit different than if they come out with the H9000, with a new, improved architecture..,

      I am aware that the H8000FW is amazing in its own right, and should be considered sufficient for a long time to come.  That is why I'm buying one.  I wouldn't bother this forum with such a question if I could find some kind of policy statement on the Eventide site.  It's just that it's a significant investment, and so, I like to get some understanding on this

      Thanks very much for any info you can give me! 

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      I recommend directing your new and forthcoming hardware questions to one of the following:

      Jason Beck – President

      Richard Factor – Co-founder and Chairman

      Orville Green – Co-founder

      Steven Katz – Co-founder

      Robert Kovarcik –  Director of Operations

      Although this is the most recent information I have, it is a bit old and may not be entirely accurate, but should give you a starting place.

      I think it is important to be aware that the engineers and technicians are exactly that; they clearly excel at their jobs, but they are not marketing people. A new equipment release necessarily involves lots of non-technical issues and it may not be reasonable to ask engineers and technicians about such matters. I think such would be tantamount to expecting every musician to have expert knowledge about the construction of a piano, or expecting a piano craftsman to have expert skills playing piano. I would therefore recommend you take your question up with one of the gentlemen named above.

      Just one more note – even the executives may be unable to give you the information you are looking for due to issues of competition. Sad to say, but we surely live in an era defined by the value of stock. Premature announcements of products, even non-publicly, have a nasty history of lowering stock value. In any event though, they will tell you what they can, I feel certain of that much.

      My own opinion – buying an H8000FW was one of the best musical decisions I've ever made. The best equipment with the smartest people providing support – hard to go wrong!

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      tfosko, thanks for all that.  I do understand the issues involved with pre-announcing products, and the potential detrimental effects to a company.

      My question, really, is only about their policy and practices regarding hardware upgrades of Eventide's highest-end products (e.g., the H8000FW).  For example, do registered owners of them receive a discount, or some other deference, given their previous purchase, so that they can opt to upgrade to the newer hardware device, if the feature set is of significant benefit?

      While I have no doubt that the H8000FW is a great piece of equipment, it is an investment at a price point that makes me feel that getting an understanding of such policies, isn't out of line.  And, they don't seem to be presented in any formal fashion that I can find.

      I have no problem with contacting, say, the President or the Director of Operations to pose the question.  Is there contact info for them that you know of?

      Thanks again. 

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