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tfosko, thanks for all that.  I do understand the issues involved with pre-announcing products, and the potential detrimental effects to a company.

My question, really, is only about their policy and practices regarding hardware upgrades of Eventide's highest-end products (e.g., the H8000FW).  For example, do registered owners of them receive a discount, or some other deference, given their previous purchase, so that they can opt to upgrade to the newer hardware device, if the feature set is of significant benefit?

While I have no doubt that the H8000FW is a great piece of equipment, it is an investment at a price point that makes me feel that getting an understanding of such policies, isn't out of line.  And, they don't seem to be presented in any formal fashion that I can find.

I have no problem with contacting, say, the President or the Director of Operations to pose the question.  Is there contact info for them that you know of?

Thanks again.