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E.M Pulinx

ok,but it doesn't change anything.I'll give a key by key description,but I'm still on V5.3 on my own machine.

1Creating a user routine analog AIIB

set up -inputs DSPA analog in1 -in1  analog in2 -in 2   DSPB analog in 1 -in1   analog in 2 -in 2

           -outputs  DSPA out1+DSPA out1 -ANA1    DSPA out2+DSPA out 2 -ANA2

                           DSPB out3+DSPB out3 -ANA3    DSPB out4 +DSPB out 4 -ANA4

2 Creating a User prg

group :prog 2U actually ,7 presets N°2 is Black hole ,N°6 is galaxy borders

3Setting external controllers for midi parameter control

set up -midi- :midi :enabled serial :enabled ;midi map :group 2U seq out :off ;base channel :1 ;omni mode :on ;note mode :poly ;pressure channel  nothing ;pitch bend :0 ;sysex speed :10 ;midclick out :off

4selecting manually a external controller for modulation

as I want to control only the volume levels on Disp B with the midi pedal, I recall on DISP B  with my pedal galaxy borders from my User bank ,press the levels soft key,then press and hold the select key to enter into the remote control page.

B :6 galaxy borders 2mix 1-8 set up

mode :I set it on "volume",it's highlighted ;channel :omni ;scale :vary from 0 to 99% with the control vol pedal ;capture midi : not selected ;range :100% type :absolute

then press :DONE  the entire levels page is underlined.As I made  a pedal assignment to global parameters, "LEVELS"they are not related to a individual program;it will apply to every prg I'll recall on DISP B.

5What happens now?

a) let on screen Disp B  the page "levels" on galaxy borders2.If you  hit down and up  the vol pedal,the wet/dry levels are going to 99%and return to 0%.On the screen,B out1 wet/dry is surrounded in white ,the others out stay in blue.

Press  now the  soft key parameter :you are in the first parameter page "eq" of the Prg.On the first line,"low " is in white,the rest in blue.Hit now the vol pedal down :low go from -18dB to +18dB.Go on the 2nd line with the cursor to mid 1 3dB.Press again the vol pedal: you see an immediate return to the  first line parameter low ,responding again from -18 to +18 dB.Press now the soft key "reverse,the 2nd soft key parameter.The first line parameter tlength 13/16 note respond to the vol command going to 1/64 with the pedal full down.Press mixer,the 3rd soft key ,the first line parameter vary from 0dB to-1dB.

Recall now the Disp A,with the pedal (N°2 in user grp),or with the key processor A/B

Recall first the levels page.Set the eight Out  wet/dry levels manually on 35%.Hit now the vol pedal :Aout1 wet/dry , surrounded in white will vary from0 to99%,the others out saying on 35%.Go now to the parameter page :space is actived :his first line parameter diff/time will vary from0 (up) to99% (down).Go to  "in eq",lows ,on the first line vary with the vol pedal  from -1.8dB to19.7dB.

All those parameter does NOT respond to vol pedal if the main screen stay  on DISP B "galaxy borders2".But if you are on DISP A inadvertently , and touch  by accident the vol pedal of the midi controller,the sound of Black hole will change,that's not desired !

I hope to have been accurate.