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      E.M Pulinx

      Hi Nick !


      I went yesterday in Germany in a studio where they have an Eventide H8000 fw with the new V5.5 software. They let me return on factory set up.


      I created a user routing : analog A [ ] B to get 2 outs for Disp A and 2 outs for Disp B .


      I remoted controlled  only the global parameters Output levels on Disp B .


      I didn’t make any other assignements.


      On Disp A , I called a reverb, on Disp B ,an effect.


      I installed for midi control a Beringher foot controller FCB 1010.


      What did we see  :


      on Disp B , single soft keys parameters are remoted controlled while they don’t have been programmed for. The ones who change wrongly are single parameters on the first line of a parameter page ,not underlined .


      On Disp A , it’s  the same behaviour  + levels A OUT 1 vary from 0 to 99% with the pedal ,the others out’s do not change . And yet,I didn't anything remoted control for Disp A.


      I think therefore that we have well here a bug ,independent of the soft version.

      As guitarists, it's common use to recall an effect with a midi pedal,only to let it appear and diseappear : until now,it seems  impossible on this machine…


      Emile Pulinx



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      Eventide Staff

      We've looked into this, and the only wrong thing we can see is when you are on the LEVELS page, and use [DSP A/B] to go between A and B. If this is what you are doing, try using the <dsp A> and <dsp B> softkeys instead.

      If this is not the issue, it would be helpful to have a key by key description of what you are doing so that we can duplicate it – there are often many ways to do something and if what we do works and what you do does not, it is hard for us to help.

      In particular, if you use the the A/B key as described above, the unit can crash if you press and hold the [SELECT] key – this is already fixed for the next version.

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      E.M Pulinx

      ok,but it doesn't change anything.I'll give a key by key description,but I'm still on V5.3 on my own machine.

      1Creating a user routine analog AIIB

      set up -inputs DSPA analog in1 -in1  analog in2 -in 2   DSPB analog in 1 -in1   analog in 2 -in 2

                 -outputs  DSPA out1+DSPA out1 -ANA1    DSPA out2+DSPA out 2 -ANA2

                                 DSPB out3+DSPB out3 -ANA3    DSPB out4 +DSPB out 4 -ANA4

      2 Creating a User prg

      group :prog 2U actually ,7 presets N°2 is Black hole ,N°6 is galaxy borders

      3Setting external controllers for midi parameter control

      set up -midi- :midi :enabled serial :enabled ;midi map :group 2U seq out :off ;base channel :1 ;omni mode :on ;note mode :poly ;pressure channel  nothing ;pitch bend :0 ;sysex speed :10 ;midclick out :off

      4selecting manually a external controller for modulation

      as I want to control only the volume levels on Disp B with the midi pedal, I recall on DISP B  with my pedal galaxy borders from my User bank ,press the levels soft key,then press and hold the select key to enter into the remote control page.

      B :6 galaxy borders 2mix 1-8 set up

      mode :I set it on "volume",it's highlighted ;channel :omni ;scale :vary from 0 to 99% with the control vol pedal ;capture midi : not selected ;range :100% type :absolute

      then press :DONE  the entire levels page is underlined.As I made  a pedal assignment to global parameters, "LEVELS"they are not related to a individual program;it will apply to every prg I'll recall on DISP B.

      5What happens now?

      a) let on screen Disp B  the page "levels" on galaxy borders2.If you  hit down and up  the vol pedal,the wet/dry levels are going to 99%and return to 0%.On the screen,B out1 wet/dry is surrounded in white ,the others out stay in blue.

      Press  now the  soft key parameter :you are in the first parameter page "eq" of the Prg.On the first line,"low " is in white,the rest in blue.Hit now the vol pedal down :low go from -18dB to +18dB.Go on the 2nd line with the cursor to mid 1 3dB.Press again the vol pedal: you see an immediate return to the  first line parameter low ,responding again from -18 to +18 dB.Press now the soft key "reverse,the 2nd soft key parameter.The first line parameter tlength 13/16 note respond to the vol command going to 1/64 with the pedal full down.Press mixer,the 3rd soft key ,the first line parameter vary from 0dB to-1dB.

      Recall now the Disp A,with the pedal (N°2 in user grp),or with the key processor A/B

      Recall first the levels page.Set the eight Out  wet/dry levels manually on 35%.Hit now the vol pedal :Aout1 wet/dry , surrounded in white will vary from0 to99%,the others out saying on 35%.Go now to the parameter page :space is actived :his first line parameter diff/time will vary from0 (up) to99% (down).Go to  "in eq",lows ,on the first line vary with the vol pedal  from -1.8dB to19.7dB.

      All those parameter does NOT respond to vol pedal if the main screen stay  on DISP B "galaxy borders2".But if you are on DISP A inadvertently , and touch  by accident the vol pedal of the midi controller,the sound of Black hole will change,that's not desired !

      I hope to have been accurate.

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      E.M Pulinx

      little precision on point 5 :

      5What happens now?

      a) let on screen Disp B  the page "levels" on galaxy borders2.If you  hit down and up  the vol pedal,the eight wet/dry levels are going to 99%and return to 0%

       I didn't say clearly  in my last mail  that  was the result  I wanted !

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      Eventide Staff

      If you are still on 5.3, that is probably the problem. I'll wait till you upgrade before continuing.

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      E.M Pulinx

      It should be kind of you to simply  follow on the 5.5 soft what I described on 5.3 version.

      It would take perhaps for you  5 min ,maybe 10 ( too long ? ) in order to verify if my  problem  of remote levels control disappears or not  on 5.5V .

      I think it would not disappear, cause I could try that  on a H8000fw in Germany who had the 5.5 V,and the problem was just the same. But,for sure,I could be also a stupid guy .

      It's a bit easy to recommand in order to fix that , to download the new version or to buy one :

       above all when you're going in the forum and see the problems of some users who tried  to download the V5.5 :problems of cards and adaptors .. You are sending with the machine a card and adaptor. Why then did you say  to those users  :Faulty cards or adaptors are the most common cause of update problems

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      Eventide Staff

      As I have stated in previous posts, I cannot duplicate this problem of in V5.5. Since the reason we provide updates is to (among other things) fix problems in previous versions, it is unreasonable for you to complain endlessly about these problems, and yet refuse to take the steps that will hopefully fix them.

      I really don't see how I can help you. We really can only support the current version, in part for the reasons described above.

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