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I'm making good progress – finally.  Just took awhile to get to the programming business.

I needed  a single harmony note to play with a guitar figure, but it must sometimes be a 5th and sometimes a 4th below.  I used MultiShift because it 'bends' with the guitar note rather than finding the nearest note.  Then I assigned one of the 4 pitch parameters to Ext #1, and assigned ext#1 to Source to Pitch Wheel.

In a MIDI track I inserted Wheel data, and voila!, the Eclipse changes my harmony pitches at my command!  Kewl!

This 'on the fly' parameter change will be much better than changing programs during a song because there's always a 'white spot' during the change.  Now, if the Eclipse will be so kind as to let me assign ext#2 source to volume, #3 to depth etc I'll be fine.  And I'll get the whammy thing going now too.

I have to admit the Eclipse was intimidating at first, but I think we're getting better at this.  Thanks achaput.. it was right there in the manual.