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      I use a sequence MIDI file to change programs on the Eclipse.  Very nice, no knob pushing or box stomping.

      My latest project is to control the wammy (or eq) preset this way, but so far no go.  I've set up ext#1 and tried just about every form of CC but all I can muster is volume change.

      The manual says that just about any parameter is controllable by MIDI, and I hope that's true, but it's sure taking a long time for me to find it.  

      If anyone has any tips for me I'd appreciate it.  Know that I'm working diligently to do this myself!

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      To assign a parameter to be controlled by an External
      you press and hold the soft key under the parameter. Then press the
      <MODULATE> soft key. From here you can assign a variety of things
      to control that paramter, including any of the Externals.

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      Excellent.. I'm sure that's in the manual somewhere, but it's just a bit overwhelming right now.  Thanks so much.

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      I'm making good progress – finally.  Just took awhile to get to the programming business.

      I needed  a single harmony note to play with a guitar figure, but it must sometimes be a 5th and sometimes a 4th below.  I used MultiShift because it 'bends' with the guitar note rather than finding the nearest note.  Then I assigned one of the 4 pitch parameters to Ext #1, and assigned ext#1 to Source to Pitch Wheel.

      In a MIDI track I inserted Wheel data, and voila!, the Eclipse changes my harmony pitches at my command!  Kewl!

      This 'on the fly' parameter change will be much better than changing programs during a song because there's always a 'white spot' during the change.  Now, if the Eclipse will be so kind as to let me assign ext#2 source to volume, #3 to depth etc I'll be fine.  And I'll get the whammy thing going now too.

      I have to admit the Eclipse was intimidating at first, but I think we're getting better at this.  Thanks achaput.. it was right there in the manual.  

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      OK, everything was going well until I changed the preset to take out all the delay.  Then suddenly Pitch3 (the one I'm modulating) started misbehaving.  

      To keep this question succinct, what command (Wheel?) can I send to the E to make sure the pitch is 'reset' to 0 ?

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