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Hi and thanks for the quick answer.


Yes i get phasing because the Eclipse is in a mixer, in a effect send.

I use the unit live in a guitar rig where i mike the cab to a mike pre-amp that feeds my rack. The rack has a line mixer where the Eclipse is in an effect send.

The unit set-up so that when i change to a preset either blocks can be on or off . Block A and Block B on/off are assigned to 2 controllers from a midi controller.

I have tried just taking the out of the Eclipse and I hear some dry signal blleding thru when both blocks are off. The only time i do not get some blled is if i put the whole unit in bypass mode.

I just updated the unit sytem to 4 but previously i had the same set-up and when bypassing both blocks i did not have any dry signal coming out of the unit.

The unit is set-up to 100% wet and both blocks are set-up 100%wet.


Is there a new menu in version 4 where  the blocks bypass is set-up to have or not have the dry?


Hope this helps.




Pierre Gauthier