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I just saw that more users had the same problem. Anyway, I rebooted the unit while holding the Program button and loaded two Mute presets for both DSPs A and B. I got the same message but the unit finally passed this stage and loaded the two aforementioned presets. Then I went to Setup/Info and the message that was waiting for me was: Internal RAM error, bad checksum.

Which is QUITE annoying.

Anyway, I performed a "Clear Setup" after which the unit booted without any diagnostic problems. Also the Info page in the Setup menu disappeared along with the annoying message.

I am not sure if there was actually a problem with the internal memory, since during the startup process and while displaying the "Initializing RAM", I didn't get any errors. Also the presets that I was using, I had been using for hundreds of time without any problem.

So what goes? Can the good guys at Eventide please check thoroughly into this? It seems like a bug to me.