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      I have a problem with my H8000-FW. I had two FX, each one loaded in each own DSP, with sampling rate = 96 KHz. I have used these patches hundreds of times with no problem. A few minutes ago and while I was playing I got this message:

      ERROR – Suggest Power-Down
      host A: timeout

      I rebooted the H8000-FW and then I got this message:

      Problems found during startup
      See Setup/Info for details
      Press any key to continue

      and no matter what key I press, it freezes and I have to reboot again… 🙁

      Please help!

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      I just saw that more users had the same problem. Anyway, I rebooted the unit while holding the Program button and loaded two Mute presets for both DSPs A and B. I got the same message but the unit finally passed this stage and loaded the two aforementioned presets. Then I went to Setup/Info and the message that was waiting for me was: Internal RAM error, bad checksum.

      Which is QUITE annoying.

      Anyway, I performed a "Clear Setup" after which the unit booted without any diagnostic problems. Also the Info page in the Setup menu disappeared along with the annoying message.

      I am not sure if there was actually a problem with the internal memory, since during the startup process and while displaying the "Initializing RAM", I didn't get any errors. Also the presets that I was using, I had been using for hundreds of time without any problem.

      So what goes? Can the good guys at Eventide please check thoroughly into this? It seems like a bug to me.

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      Eventide Staff

      Looks like you've cleared the problem, so hard to check into it. You may well have had a RAM corruption, which could have many symptoms.

      Alternatively, loading the two presets at 96k may have briefly overloaded the unit (which is what the messages mean, although they could also have a hardware cause).

      Hard to tell after the fact. If it happens again, contact

Viewing 2 reply threads
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