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Wow!  If you find such a controller that works in the way you describe, I'd sure like to know about it.

But you should be aware that the Eclipse is a device of a design that isn't targeted to be tightly integrated with a DAW, or controlled as a synthesizer would be.  Rather, more of an effects unit for live use.  It performs that function very well.

Reading the manual (sorry for this pat, and overused, response) will give you better orientation on how you create and manipulate the parameters of user patches.  The editing model is a little different that you'd expect, since all user patches must be derivative of factory ones, to start.  I'd love to create and edit them using the provided software via USB.  But, given the software's user interface quality, I've found that I go to the hardware interface, and wade through the parameters that way.  But that's me.

As far as MIDI control–in controlling the Eclipse in the context for which it was designed–in switching patches and tempo, etc., I just have to highly recommend the Gordius Little Giant 2.  An amazingly well thought-out piece of gear, and getting better with frequent upgrades.  There are very few limits on the capacity of patches, parameters, or the communication between it and the MIDI gear to which it's connected (in and out).  And, if you find one, the company (Xavier) is a beyond-cool person who is very responsive and accommodating.  And in terms of expansion and two-way control, I think it's incomparable.  Plus, the quality of the switches and the build is so high, that it wouldn't be out of place on a desktop.

Good luck with your quest, and please update this thread with your results.