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      Hi folks,


      I am a new Eclipse
      user, which I currently only use in my home studio for experimental guitar
      sounds and recording (love it!).


      Now I’m
      asking myself, what would be a useful extension in terms of a midi desktop
      controller to get easy access to parameters in order to shape the final sound
      setting, meaning a bit more reverb time here, a bit less delay repeats there,
      easy shift of cut off frequencies and the like…


      Maybe a
      controller with 8 faders or so would be great, where the faders are assigned to
      parameters? Any recommendations?


      Another question
      for understanding midi controllability: do I have to assign the faders of a
      desktop controller to the parameters I would like to control for each program I
      use separately
      (this would mean a lot of work, if I would have to do this for
      my favourite 100 programs and I would need 100 different midi patches?), or  is it possible to get 8 faders of a controller
      instantly assigned to 8 parameters of any program without specific 1:1 assignment?


      Any hints appreciated.

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      Wow!  If you find such a controller that works in the way you describe, I'd sure like to know about it.

      But you should be aware that the Eclipse is a device of a design that isn't targeted to be tightly integrated with a DAW, or controlled as a synthesizer would be.  Rather, more of an effects unit for live use.  It performs that function very well.

      Reading the manual (sorry for this pat, and overused, response) will give you better orientation on how you create and manipulate the parameters of user patches.  The editing model is a little different that you'd expect, since all user patches must be derivative of factory ones, to start.  I'd love to create and edit them using the provided software via USB.  But, given the software's user interface quality, I've found that I go to the hardware interface, and wade through the parameters that way.  But that's me.

      As far as MIDI control–in controlling the Eclipse in the context for which it was designed–in switching patches and tempo, etc., I just have to highly recommend the Gordius Little Giant 2.  An amazingly well thought-out piece of gear, and getting better with frequent upgrades.  There are very few limits on the capacity of patches, parameters, or the communication between it and the MIDI gear to which it's connected (in and out).  And, if you find one, the company (Xavier) is a beyond-cool person who is very responsive and accommodating.  And in terms of expansion and two-way control, I think it's incomparable.  Plus, the quality of the switches and the build is so high, that it wouldn't be out of place on a desktop.

      Good luck with your quest, and please update this thread with your results.

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      Another wow for your extra long comment!

      Thanks for you recommendation on the Gordius and some clarification for me.

      Maybe I should point out, that I wasn't meaning an integration into a DAW, or other USB usage, but instead a piece of hardware, such as a foot controller, but to be placed on my table, next to my rack, where I can access and finetune the parameters of a certain program with faders or rotary knobs, instead of wandering through the menu. Does this make sense?

      In the Knowledge Base, there is an article "General Notes and Advice on MIDI Pedalboards", where the Peavey PC1600 is named for purposes like that, but that one is obsolete and I'm trying to find out what could be the present piece of choice?

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      Got it.  Well, nothing I, personally, know about a control surface with faders for such control.  And the Gordius LG2 is the best foot controller out there, IMO.  Check it out for yourself.

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      I actually have the same problem and not solve the Gordian LG2 I need to play the effect. I also dedicate myself to play creatively using the effects with a guitar as a sound source. Am very satisfied with my Eclipse but I miss two things: a cosolle easy to maneuver by hand, it is no coincidence that many are returning to the use of pedals on top of a table. I have had discussions with people like others who have Aarset and Eventide products, but are in the same situation of having to operate directly in the parameters and not to select them with the switch as a pedal. Second requirement that I have expressed already in my post is a graphics editor to set the algorithm parameters, the display works but is counter-intuitive for those who must work creatively. Is good only for those who design a stamp and it has to load a preset to be included statically.

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      I actually use my Eventide Space to control parameters of the Eclipse. The "External" controllers are global, however, you would still need to assign each controller to a Hot Key or Parameter within each program. I understand it can be frustrating in the time you need to do it, but you may not always want every Hot Key to be controlled by an external MIDI controller on every program. Its possible you may want to control certain parameters via either the expression pedal jacks or the value of another parameter. All that said, a MIDI map or template fixing every knob on my Space to EXT#1 through to EXT#9 and assigning them to Hot Keys #1 to #9 would be quite handy. Even better would be either an EVE/NET that works with the Eclipse, allowing you to see which parameter you are adjusting, or otherwise, a MIDI/PC software that does the same job.

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