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 I have read loading a program remotely and that more about program change with a Midi controller. I will try to explain the problem again.

 in bank 66 virtual racks preset 20 monster rack there is a total of 4 effect which is you can turn/on via MIDI controller. Right now on my GCP i have button 4 to turn on/off the shifter which i got it to work the only problem is that i have to hit that button 2 times vs 1 time to turn it off and i have to hit it another 2 times to turn it off. I would like it to act just like a stomp box the way it was made.

Here the steps i used

1. Reset the ground control and then name it eventide.

2. i set the GCP to 8 instant access and 4 preset mode (1-8 turn effect on/off and the last row which is 1-4 changes the preset) 

3. set the cc device ID or CC to 1 so they talk to each other.

4. loaded the monster rack preset.

5. Hit the control tab 2 times and i'm on the shift sw setup it then says mode assign 4  and on the right i highlight capture MIDI

6. As capture MIDI is highlight i hit select and hit the number 4 midi button on my GCP.

7. I then go back to the monster rack main screen showing the effects and the on/off right next to it.

8. I hit the number 4  button once and nothing i hit it one more time it goes to off. To turn it back on i have to hit the button more 2 times.

I know there's a way for it to work hitting just the button one time because when i first got the unit somehow i got a few of the effect to do that but i also had a few buttons that were messed up so i reset the system.

Thanks again