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      1. I just got an orville and i'm using a ground control pro in 8 instant access and 4 preset mode all using the same cc . So far i am able to turn on and off the effects but i have to hit the switch 2 times for it to activate on/off. i would like to be able to hit the switch once for the effect to turn on/off. So far i'm using 5-8 on the midi pedal as my effect switches.

      2. What is the best way to set up preset changes on my first 4 midi buttons in the same bank. 

      Info that might help under setup midi i have

      Midi enabled                     system exc on

      serial enabled                  Device  ID 1 (same as my midi pedal

      program load on

      seq out  off

      Thank you

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      Eventide Staff

      Don't really understand what you are saying.Sorry.

      Anyhow, sounds like some User Manual study is necessary. You will want to look at the section titled "Loading a Program Remotely" around page 82.

      Unlike the later H8000, the Orville does not have MIDI maps, so the use of multiple messages may be necessary to load a given program – it is possible that the GCP may not be sufficient. Either way, you should address GCP questions to its Maker.

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       I have read loading a program remotely and that more about program change with a Midi controller. I will try to explain the problem again.

       in bank 66 virtual racks preset 20 monster rack there is a total of 4 effect which is you can turn/on via MIDI controller. Right now on my GCP i have button 4 to turn on/off the shifter which i got it to work the only problem is that i have to hit that button 2 times vs 1 time to turn it off and i have to hit it another 2 times to turn it off. I would like it to act just like a stomp box the way it was made.

      Here the steps i used

      1. Reset the ground control and then name it eventide.

      2. i set the GCP to 8 instant access and 4 preset mode (1-8 turn effect on/off and the last row which is 1-4 changes the preset) 

      3. set the cc device ID or CC to 1 so they talk to each other.

      4. loaded the monster rack preset.

      5. Hit the control tab 2 times and i'm on the shift sw setup it then says mode assign 4  and on the right i highlight capture MIDI

      6. As capture MIDI is highlight i hit select and hit the number 4 midi button on my GCP.

      7. I then go back to the monster rack main screen showing the effects and the on/off right next to it.

      8. I hit the number 4  button once and nothing i hit it one more time it goes to off. To turn it back on i have to hit the button more 2 times.

      I know there's a way for it to work hitting just the button one time because when i first got the unit somehow i got a few of the effect to do that but i also had a few buttons that were messed up so i reset the system.

      Thanks again

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      Eventide Staff

      Looks like your problem is with the GCP. To quote their manual (p.12):

      NORMAL. The CC message is only sent when you press the instant access button. You press
      it once to turn it on, then again to turn it off.

      MOMENTARY. This option means that it sends an “on” message when the instant access
      button is pressed, then sends an “off ” message when it is released.

      Sounds like you have "NORMAL" when you want "MOMENTARY."

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      Thank you nickrose for all your help turning on MOMENTARY did the trick. I need to send you a starbucks card for your help. Let me know were to send it.



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      Eventide Staff

      Kind of you, but no need. Just doing my job …

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