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Hi bilinear,

I have the h8000fw since 2005. To be honest, I had a lot of problems to interface the hardware in my system, because there's no standard use and no standard utilisation.

My advice : do simple things and simple usage for the H8000fw.

I interface like this :

Logic 9  <

>  metric halo lio8  <

aes in/out

> H8000fw

My advice is :

– use aes in/out because the synchronisation is automaticaly send by the aes interface

– the sync is very very important for the audio quality !!!!!!!!!!!!

– very good quality in H8000 = good sync

– don't spend time to use vsig or routing utility to do multi patch that use all the in/out of the h8000. Simply use one stereo monolitic patch or 1 patch on A and another on B. Use the standard patchs in the h8000.

– if you do agregrated device on mac if you want to use the firewire in/out, don't check the "resample"  option

– if you want to use a lot patch, think that the 8 in/out of the H8000fw is the joke. Don't think in "REAL TIME" processing. Think simple :

for example : 1. record a dry sound 2. record the effect 3. record another effect in last effect ….

– again : synch is very very important !! If there is glitches in your sound, it is not a problem drivers… it is a synchro problem.

– If you use aes, use a "digidesign like" cable : (4 cables in/ 4 cables  out )

> 8pin

– Don't use the audio interface of the h8000fw ! Use a dedicated audio hardware like uln2, lio8 or another. The H8000fw is the effect processor not an audio interface !!

I hope these advices could help you. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time of the hardware just to configure and use it.

– The H8000fw is an effect processor !!! 

Spend time to do music !!!