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      Hi All,

      While I know the H8000 has wonderful converters I still don't want to use it as my computer's main audio interface because

      – it seems overkill clocking up hours of use just if i'm browsing the web or listening to iTunes

      – I'd like something with lower latency

      – i'd like a headphone out

      – i'd like a dedicated volume button

      – i'm scared of the levels the H8000 puts out (I randomly loaded Jet Fly By on the first night I had it, before I'd sorted out levels…)

      So does anyone have any advice on what interface would be good and what means of connection will give me fast digital send/return on 8 channels. From my limited understanding it seems like AES is best because it goes to 96K?

      I'm on an iMac, would prefer to use USB rather than daisy chaining firewire (I'd still connect the H8000 by firewire), and I'm not running any sort of external mixer. So I'm considering FireFace UC, Metric Halo ULN-2, or maybe just a 2nd hand MOTU 828 Mk II. Is word clock important?

      Any suggestions or other ideas would be much appreciated.



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      I've had good luck with the MOTU 828.  It's especially nice if you have an analog modular setup.  Expert Sleepers makes a program called "Silent Way" which lets you use the 828 to send control voltages to a modular or other synth with CV inputs.  (I've heard rumor that you can use Silent Way with the H8000 as well…)

      Word clock is important when you have more than two digital devices that have to talk to each other.  If you have two digital boxes, one can be the clock master and the other can be the slave, but when you connect more than two, you'll need some kind of word clock distribution unit so that all devices are synchronized.  If you only use the analog connections though, you won't need word clock…



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      I'd go with a MOTU 2408 MK3 plus 424-PCIx card. With this you have the lowest latency possible and a load of inputs/outputs. You can probably connect the H8000 through ADAT or AES without much hassle.

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      Thanks guys for the feedback.

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      Hi bilinear,

      I have the h8000fw since 2005. To be honest, I had a lot of problems to interface the hardware in my system, because there's no standard use and no standard utilisation.

      My advice : do simple things and simple usage for the H8000fw.

      I interface like this :

      Logic 9  <

      >  metric halo lio8  <

      aes in/out

      > H8000fw

      My advice is :

      – use aes in/out because the synchronisation is automaticaly send by the aes interface

      – the sync is very very important for the audio quality !!!!!!!!!!!!

      – very good quality in H8000 = good sync

      – don't spend time to use vsig or routing utility to do multi patch that use all the in/out of the h8000. Simply use one stereo monolitic patch or 1 patch on A and another on B. Use the standard patchs in the h8000.

      – if you do agregrated device on mac if you want to use the firewire in/out, don't check the "resample"  option

      – if you want to use a lot patch, think that the 8 in/out of the H8000fw is the joke. Don't think in "REAL TIME" processing. Think simple :

      for example : 1. record a dry sound 2. record the effect 3. record another effect in last effect ….

      – again : synch is very very important !! If there is glitches in your sound, it is not a problem drivers… it is a synchro problem.

      – If you use aes, use a "digidesign like" cable : (4 cables in/ 4 cables  out )

      > 8pin

      – Don't use the audio interface of the h8000fw ! Use a dedicated audio hardware like uln2, lio8 or another. The H8000fw is the effect processor not an audio interface !!

      I hope these advices could help you. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time of the hardware just to configure and use it.

      – The H8000fw is an effect processor !!! 

      Spend time to do music !!!

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      Dear Friend,

      I do not agree I should consider H8000 just as a multieffect.

      This is one of the most complete board ever made,FW,  bunch of connections, cristal sound converters but….. UNUSABLE AS AN INTERFACE.

      If this is not an interface what's real meaning of FW and 1 thousand of digital connections, and of an interface software/drivers????????

      The trouble is in my opinion Eventide to be terribly back in developing a decent interface software; I would expect it as a customer to have my investiment maximized

      I love H8000FW but I am terribly upset with Eventide for very slow developement and lack of care in "human interface" in their products/software

      I hope this comment helps stimulation

      Best Regards

      Emilio Biagini–Lucca–Italy

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