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ix studio

Hi nick  

                      the h8000 screen says when sending my own patches or others 

'recieving sig file'

and then 

' coding file from remote '

but not loading 'compiled file' as it does with empty patches made in vsig.

I'm working via midi right now .

I have also noticed to error messages when i have the midi in and out connected but which stops when i disengage the  ' in ' midi comms port in vsig

don't know about an operator type 'adc-in1'
ERROR- no operator of type adc-in1.
Line 5

I did think maybe this was a midi loop so set the midi cables from the pc via 2 seperate midi interfaces but still get this error.

I'm slightly confused as i have had vsig running for a few years with no issues and did a fresh windows install and now have these issues.