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Home Forums Products Rackmount Does anyone have DS4000 OS roms 2.1 or higher ? Reply To: Does anyone have DS4000 OS roms 2.1 or higher ?


My DSP-4000 has OS Rom V 2.104 with module Roms 1 and 2 both being V 2.000 and there is no tap tempo or MIDI clock patches from what I can see. There's a few BPM patches where you put in the tempo as a BPM number.

I think OS 2.158 is the minimum OS needed for MIDI sync/Tap patches.

I would desperately like to get hold of OS 2.300 which seems to have only been sold to people who also bought new preset cards as a way of copy protecting those presets. As the 4000 has been obsolete for a good while now, there doesn't appear to be any good reason not to release the OS for the people that want to keep using these older machines. I mean, I don't want to just junk it, and there's no way I can afford a 7600.