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Just to let people know that if they have this problem with the light going out on the LCD, the backlight is replaceable.

It is just a small flourescent tube (CCFL-Cold Cathode Fluorescent) that can be slid out from behind the display by removing the two small black fixing pins and the cable clamp that holds the high voltage wires that come from the backlight assembly to the PCB.

The backlight assembly can then be opened up to get to the CCFL tube. I haven't done this part and I don't think I'm going to try it. Send it to these guys: http://www.ccflwarehouse.com

I think they can do the job of putting a new CCFL tube into the assembly then you just have to slot it back in behind the display. They can also supply a CCFL tube with the wiring already soldered onto it and you can try putting it back in the assembly if you want. They just need to know the length and diameter of the CCFL tube.