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Thanks for the fast response, Nick.

I'll have another go, if I may …

In your reply, you write:

But, you could use the routing to feed the mono signal to both stereo inputs.

In this case, does it matter which of the four analog input pairs I choose to route the mono signal to? 

Is there any correlation, either in the presets or in the routing configs between analog inputs (1-4) with Left/Right channels, as one often thinks about with stereo?

I am using the HW8000 as an effects unit (only analog) in a live sound situation, and want to be sure that I am making the correct physical connections in order not to "lose something" (to use your words) of the presets' stereo and/or 5.1 imaging.

Would it be better, for example, to feed a mono or stereo source to the HW8000 using 1?, 2?, 3? or 4? aux sends from a mixer to respective analog inputs to get the best results from a preset?

Thanks again.