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I've tried the firewire and I was having a hard time with it.

The Symphony does have a similar AES In/Out setup as the Eventide, however I have read a few things about the Symphony needing a (Yamaha style DB25) vs the Eventide's (Tascam style DB25). I'm not sure if this is the overwhelming problem.

I happen to have two db 25- XLR cables, one female, one male with 8 snaked xlr's on each. I just tried plugging them togethor and patching the Etide w/ the Symphony. Any ideas if this will work? And if so which routing options should I go for.

From the Setup menu Firewire1 is blocking, as is AES 11/12. Aes 17/18 however says OK and when I select clock source to 17/18 it seems to be slaving the unit to the symphony (which is what I would like to do, using the symphony clock over the eventide).

Will this setup work, or will I need different cables do you think? The XLR option you mentioned, could you go into a little more detail on that please?   Thanks so much for the reply!