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Hi Nick, thanks for your reply. I have been comparing the pitch shifters from dsp4000 versus h7600 and my conclusion is that the dsp 4000 sounds better on drums but the 7600 is better with voices and monophonic sounds. So what I did is transfer some of the old presets from the 4000 to the H7600 using a card and they sound the same as in the 4000 but much better and cleaner. I'm really happy to have some presets of the old 4000 in the new 7600 because the 4000 is really outdated and the power supply is making a lot of noise.

A last question, is there a way to transfer all the presets from the 4000 to a card to can copy all them to the H7600? my card is only 512 KB, will be enough? Will the H7600 have enough storage? I know I can do it one by one but first  I want to ask if there's a better and faster way, if not I will select the most usable ones.

Thanks for your time, kind regards