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Thanks nickrose for the reply,

I am actually going to a Cubase product night locally (Hobart Tasmania Australia ) in a couple of days time so hopefully might get some info there on the problem I am having …  thanks for the direction there .

There is perhaps one other area you might be able to give me some insight into .  This issue happens about one time in three that I use Eventide …  it will start up OK but then if I change the preset it will not load and I have to turn off Eventide and restart it and it then works with the new preset …   when this happens I have checked for clocking issues , VST connection issues in Cubase and the sound card settings on the Mac but all seems to be as it should be so I have exhausted all avenues I am aware of in tracking down the problem ( the Mac computer has 6 cores and lots of RAM so I am assuming it is not a limitation of the computer ).  I have made the assumption that since it works sometimes then it must be set up correctly but I also recognise the complexity of computing so it may well still be something I have I have done in the set up .  Maybe you can give me some clues on this ??

Thanking You ,