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Hi, I also tried using the H8000 in SMUX mode (88.2) but for me it didnt work.

I'm using RME Raydat and there the SMUX is like this: ADAT channel 1-2 = smux channel 1, ADAT channel 3-4 = 2, ADAT channel 5-6 = 3 and so on. So, I have to route Adat 1+2 to Eventide Input 1, 3+4 to input 2 and so on.

But, how can I connect two ADAT inputs to ONE H8000 input? It's just not possible in the routing setup. Even not with the routing utility 2.8.

So how, MFPhouse did you make this happen? I can't connect ADAT IN 1 + 2 to H8000 IN 1 for ex. there is only one connection allowed, on the ADAT side. I can't "mix" two ADAT inputs.

I'd appreciate your help. thanks!