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      Hi Folks,

      I need an Adat Routing in the H8000fw at 96khz. TWO simple Stereo Signals ADAT In ADAT out

      RME FF800 send Adat Smuxed to the H8000fw.

      The Input Monitor shows incoming Signal .

      The first Stereo Pair Adat 1-2 is shown at the Eventide Input at 1-2 and -5-6

      the Second come at 3-5 and 7-8.

      The DSP A need One Stereo Pair I / O

      The DSP B need the Second Stereo Pair. I / O

      Out 1-2   3-4 ( or 5-6 ?)

      Didn´t get this Routing working .

      How to Setup this Routing in the Routing Setup.

      Thank you !
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      Eventide Staff

      We don't have much experience with S-Mux, because almost no-one uses it.  But, it looks as though you are receiving the S-Mux OK – what problem are you actually having ?

      Please give a full explanation of what you did, and the result. Also, have you tried the Routing Utility download ?

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      Hi Folks ,

      i get it !. New Day , New fresh Brain Big Smile

      You have to mix the Main outs 1-2 to ADAT 1-2 and 5-6 and the 5-6 to the 3-4 and 7-8

      simultaneously ! Thats all.

      This routing is only checked with RME FF800 , don´t know the other Interfaces.

      Be carefully with feedback while changing to 44,1 .Toggling between 96 and 44 changed the Input routings from RME Mixer Total Mix.

      Example ADAT 17-18 in 96 was 21-22 in 44,1 so in Logic I/O Instruments you have to check the Buss Routings !

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      any chance you could provide a step by step on this?  i tried what you mentioned and i have sync happening via a word clock cable connected to an ensemble as the master.  in logic, i am fine at 41 and 48 but as soon as i choose 88 or 96 i get an error on the h8000fw and it forces a reboot.

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      as i already wrote.

      The H8000 see the Muxed Signal in 1-2 & 5-6

      That means , for the routing in the H8000 you have to patch the 

      ADAT 1 -2  and the 5-6 to one Stereo pair in the MAin in put ( maybe 1-2 ).

      and versi versa out .

      The Main out go to ADAT 1-2 and 5-6 out.

      This the routing with the RME 800 i am working here.( Via Adat )

      Don´t know the other Interfaces.

      Anyway , be carefully while changing between 44,1 /48 and 88 /96 !

      You get Routing Problems in Logic .

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      …this morning we get big trouble with the H8000fw. ( now it fixed hopefully !).

      What happens :

      There is a big Problem while changing from 44,1/48 and 88/96 Muxxed via Adat.

      This morning the whole AudioEngine was broken, necessary what routing you use.

      Everything dead. We fixed this in " Services " – " clear setup " and " fix internal" 

      Make a backup from your Routings ! After that everything is fine.


      Please fixed that.

      PS. if you load the Muxxed Adat Routing in the Routing Utility or try to build this up in this tool you get total error with OSX 10.7.3.

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      Hi, I also tried using the H8000 in SMUX mode (88.2) but for me it didnt work.

      I'm using RME Raydat and there the SMUX is like this: ADAT channel 1-2 = smux channel 1, ADAT channel 3-4 = 2, ADAT channel 5-6 = 3 and so on. So, I have to route Adat 1+2 to Eventide Input 1, 3+4 to input 2 and so on.

      But, how can I connect two ADAT inputs to ONE H8000 input? It's just not possible in the routing setup. Even not with the routing utility 2.8.

      So how, MFPhouse did you make this happen? I can't connect ADAT IN 1 + 2 to H8000 IN 1 for ex. there is only one connection allowed, on the ADAT side. I can't "mix" two ADAT inputs.

      I'd appreciate your help. thanks!

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      hi creativeblue,

      we talking about Operating Sys 5.5 . Don´t know the new 5.6 .

      System Routing Utility didn´t work with this Setup ! So you have to do it manualy in the Eventide Sys Routing Setup Menu.

      ADAT 1-2 using DSP A and ADAT 5-6 using DSP B . Serial -( A-B ) – worked after reboot .s.u.

      The Main Out of the ADAT Output Window has to be configured as follow. 

      Main Out 1 – Out 1

      Main Out 2 – Out 2

      Main Out 5 – Out 3

      Main Out 6 – Out 4

      On the Right side as follow.

      Main Out 1 – Out 5

      Main Out 2 – Out 6

      Main Out 5 – Out 7

      Main Out 6 – Out 8

      Versi Versa on Input if needed ( depends in SMUX Modus – the Contrahand ) 

      Here it´s works with the RME 800 ( old version ) .I think it´s like your RME Raydat.

      There is a BUG ! If you often Change between 44,1/48 and 88/96 Projekts the H8000 crashed. 

      So, if you have to , just reboot the Eventide before changing / Loading your other Khz Projekt in your DAW. 

      PS: I think it has someting to do with loaded Presets wich using the Timer or many Audio to Controll Modules wich use the ( half ) of Sampling Freq. for controll realtime Data. ? anyway

      It´s works here fine.

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