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hi creativeblue,

we talking about Operating Sys 5.5 . Don´t know the new 5.6 .

System Routing Utility didn´t work with this Setup ! So you have to do it manualy in the Eventide Sys Routing Setup Menu.

ADAT 1-2 using DSP A and ADAT 5-6 using DSP B . Serial -( A-B ) – worked after reboot .s.u.

The Main Out of the ADAT Output Window has to be configured as follow. 

Main Out 1 – Out 1

Main Out 2 – Out 2

Main Out 5 – Out 3

Main Out 6 – Out 4

On the Right side as follow.

Main Out 1 – Out 5

Main Out 2 – Out 6

Main Out 5 – Out 7

Main Out 6 – Out 8

Versi Versa on Input if needed ( depends in SMUX Modus – the Contrahand ) 

Here it´s works with the RME 800 ( old version ) .I think it´s like your RME Raydat.

There is a BUG ! If you often Change between 44,1/48 and 88/96 Projekts the H8000 crashed. 

So, if you have to , just reboot the Eventide before changing / Loading your other Khz Projekt in your DAW. 

PS: I think it has someting to do with loaded Presets wich using the Timer or many Audio to Controll Modules wich use the ( half ) of Sampling Freq. for controll realtime Data. ? anyway

It´s works here fine.