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I just recorded Reich's Electric Counterpoint and would love hear about this preset. One piece of information that might help things make sense would be Reich's loop based music, though it changes time signatures and tempos, always maintains a pulse that is common to the entire piece. In Electric Counterpoint I can play the whole piece at 96 BPM if I change the subdivisions when the tempo changes.  The phrase lengths change though. I believe mvt. 1 is 4 measures of 4/4, mvt.2 is 3/4+5/8+4/4 or 1 measure (grouping) of 19/8, and mvt. 3 is 1 bar of 3/2 which changes to 12/8 and then alternates between the two. I realize Electric Counterpoint isn't the only piece Reich wrote but the point is if changes tempo, the players usually change the subdivisions they are playing at the same time which creates a seamless change that later becomes evident. I'm wondering if the preset has anything to do with 

Sorry to regurgitate all that information on your thread,  but I bought a TimeFactor and more recently a PitchFactor to see what parts I can consolidate in Reich's music. So an Eventide preset relating to Steve Reich easily captures my interest. Music

Mark Wilson