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Thanks for your reply…

I understand relatively well the routings in terms of the I/O identifier. Programs suffixed 22 are 2 in and 2 out. 24 2 in 4 out. etc. Is this what you refer to by the factory routings? I couldn't find the Routing Utility download, could you direct em to a link please?

I think I was looking at it quite simplistically, like Orville in 1/2 equating to a L and R for DSP A and 3/4 for L/R DSP B.

Let's say I have a program on DSP A, with I/O identifier 24

I input my mono synth via a mixer send to Orville Analog in 1. What do I do internally with the other In as specified in the identifier '24'?

In this case there are 4 outs in the patch from the DSP A. Is it now my understanding that those 4 outs can all be routed internally to a stereo pair out? Such as Orville Analog out 1/2….?

Or in my other thinking must I utilise all 4 analog outs and take up 4 channels or FX returns on my desk? This obviously can't be right.

How is it that other people generally set up the routing on a mixer? I see it depends on the patch now, but if I am mainly sending mono synths, guitars, etc. to one input, what can I do with the other 3 inputs?

I have been using the routing as per manual "Analog A/B" analog parallel quad but I see now for my use/set up using "Analog dual stereo" would perhaps be more appropriate. But would that limit me to only programs with the identifier suffix "2" at the beginning?

Sorry for all the questions, any help is appreciated.