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      Hi there all

      I've read through the manual of my new Orville that I recently purchased and I have a fairly good grasp on most of the usage, but I know this is quite a newb question, so please bear with me.

      I have tried this set up with my DAW and audio interface.

      For example:

      Running a mono signal on a send from a channel strip – interface analog out 7/8 – Orville in 1/2 – Orville out 1/2 – interface analog in 7/8

      and from there an aux track who's input is analog 7/8 and output to the master L/R.

      This has seemed to work fine, however, I have yet to fully understand the routing within Orville and how to input a signal correctly.

      I get that the DSP A and B in's can be 1-4 analog ( I am not currently running digital I/O's)

      But how does that equate to one sound? For example, let's say I have a mono synth, this is one mono output, do I split this signal in to 2? Or even 4? To take up all 4 in's on the Orville.

      I now have an analog mixer which I have a related question to, but previously I was running a mono signal out of 2 analog outputs to the Orville 1 and 2 in, this was going to DSP A (according to my logic!) then I was running say a mono guitar signal to Orville 3 and 4 and using this (I thought!) for DSP B.

      In regards to my analog mixer I now have mono channel strips with sends, sending a mono signal from out. I have a stereo FX return channel. What is the best way, though I'm sure there are many ways, but what is the more common way of doing this?

      I feel I am missing something, or quite a lot. I thought to run a mono signal via the send, split it in to a Y cable feeding Orville 1-2 (L/R?) then Orville out 1-2 to the FX return on a stereo jack, Tip L, Ring R, Sleeve Ground.

      I hope this is clear and someone can offer me some advice, it is much appreciated.



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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Gareth


      I have yet to fully understand the routing within Orville and how to input a signal correctly.

      I would recommend the Routing Utility, available free from the Web Site. This is really for the more recent machines, but if you set it up for H8000A and ignore channels 5-8 where dispolayed, you'll be close enough. I would STRONGLY advise close study of the factory routings as well.


      let's say I have a mono synth

      How to route this depends a bit on the preset and what you are trying to do, but if you route it  to all 4 DSP inputs, it should work with most things.

      You should not need Y cables, as you can do most things inside Orville. A stereo return to your mixer would be reasonable. Make sure you use a parallel routing if you are feeding A and B from separate places to mix their outputs.

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      Thanks for your reply…

      I understand relatively well the routings in terms of the I/O identifier. Programs suffixed 22 are 2 in and 2 out. 24 2 in 4 out. etc. Is this what you refer to by the factory routings? I couldn't find the Routing Utility download, could you direct em to a link please?

      I think I was looking at it quite simplistically, like Orville in 1/2 equating to a L and R for DSP A and 3/4 for L/R DSP B.

      Let's say I have a program on DSP A, with I/O identifier 24

      I input my mono synth via a mixer send to Orville Analog in 1. What do I do internally with the other In as specified in the identifier '24'?

      In this case there are 4 outs in the patch from the DSP A. Is it now my understanding that those 4 outs can all be routed internally to a stereo pair out? Such as Orville Analog out 1/2….?

      Or in my other thinking must I utilise all 4 analog outs and take up 4 channels or FX returns on my desk? This obviously can't be right.

      How is it that other people generally set up the routing on a mixer? I see it depends on the patch now, but if I am mainly sending mono synths, guitars, etc. to one input, what can I do with the other 3 inputs?

      I have been using the routing as per manual "Analog A/B" analog parallel quad but I see now for my use/set up using "Analog dual stereo" would perhaps be more appropriate. But would that limit me to only programs with the identifier suffix "2" at the beginning?

      Sorry for all the questions, any help is appreciated.


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      Eventide Staff


      factory routings

      Look in the UM under "Storing and Loading Routing Configurations"


      I couldn't find the Routing Utility

      Look on the H8000 Support Page


      What do I do internally with the other In as specified in the identifier '24'?

      In this case you could route your mono in to both DSP A 1 and 2.


      In this case there are 4 outs

      Each main output can have two mixed signals. So, you could mix your 4 DSP outputs to a stereo final output. But note that a 24 preset is probably meant to be used with a quad output – no reason why you should not mix it to stereo if you like the results, but …

      So, to conclude, I recommend:

      1) Study of the routing section in the UM.

      2) Study of the factory routing presets

      3) Use of the Routing Utility.

      Orville is a complex and sophisticated box, and the flexibility of its routing capabilities can appear difficult until you "get the idea."

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