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Hello nickrose 

thanks for the reply .   I have tried re-initialising and have had some success but am not sure on what one of the points has as a consequence ??  

I tried point number 1 and it was still the same so I tried point number 2 and it was still the same and so I tried point number 3 and  that did overcome the problem with the error message coming up and it loads correctly and has done so the several times I have tried it since .  However  there seems to be a problem with clocking now which I haven’t been able to resolve .  The clock time lights on the front panel have the 96khz showing constantly lit  ( which it is set to )  but the EXT  light at the bottom is continuously blinking …   I have looked at SETUP and it shows :  “  Firewire .OK  “     and on the computer  Eventide  control panel screen it shows :   “ System clock is locked “  and   “ Sync source :  Word clock “   ( Word clock  being an Aes16e card in the computer )   …   and the connections window in Cubase shows it as connected  (  and the " send “ in Cubase is also activated  )  .     But the effects aren’t working  (  as has happened at times when I have had clocking issues before the net result being – clocking issue /  the effect not working so no signal beyond that point  )  

At this stage I have not tried reinitialising any further as I am not sure what the results of point number 4 are ??  …  does it remove the factory presets or only  any programs I have stored myself ( I have in fact only used the factory presets in their original form and so have made no modifications to them )    ??    Could you advise me if you think it relevant to try point number 4 and what it’s consequences are or should I be concentrating on clocking now   ??

And about the levels before connecting equipment  …..  you are entirely right   !!   …  I have been lulled into a false sense of security by having things going fairly well for a while    !!       thanks for the reminder    !!

Your assistance is much appreciated ,

Thanks .