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      Hello forum ,

      I have been using a H8000FW for about 2 years now and have recently come upon a problem I have not been able to sort out .  On startup after the unit has initialised it shows the following message on the screen :

      " Problems found during startup.  See SETUP/info for details.  Press any key to continue . " 

      On pressing any key it then proceeds to open …  sometimes it opens correctly and about half the time it won't open correctly but sends quite loud static through to the DAW ( Cubase 7 ) … after another try or two it eventually opens correctly .   I have tried to get the details by pressing SETUP as the message suggests but this only sends it towards opening as per " pressing any key " .   

      Maybe it needs "resetting " to factory setup ??

      Any help with this would be appreciated …  I do eventually get it going …  but the loud static is a worry and maybe it's not good for the machine ??

      Thanking You ,


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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry you are having trouble. If you can't get to setup/info it is hard to know what the problem is. I would also suggest that you always have your speakers down when starting ANY connected equipment (not just ours).

      Next thing would be that you try re-initializing in stages:

      1) Remove any cards, and disconnect FireWire prior to startup. If no good …

      2) Hold down PROGRAM at second startup screen. This will blow away the current loaded program. If no good…

      3) Hold down SETUP at second startup screen. This will return the unit to factory settings. You may need to reconfigure afterwards.

      4) Hold down 8 at second startup screen. This will blow away all stored programs and completely re-initialize the unit.

      5) If no good – you have a serious hardware problem – contact support@eventide.com

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      Hello nickrose 

      thanks for the reply .   I have tried re-initialising and have had some success but am not sure on what one of the points has as a consequence ??  

      I tried point number 1 and it was still the same so I tried point number 2 and it was still the same and so I tried point number 3 and  that did overcome the problem with the error message coming up and it loads correctly and has done so the several times I have tried it since .  However  there seems to be a problem with clocking now which I haven’t been able to resolve .  The clock time lights on the front panel have the 96khz showing constantly lit  ( which it is set to )  but the EXT  light at the bottom is continuously blinking …   I have looked at SETUP and it shows :  “  Firewire .OK  “     and on the computer  Eventide  control panel screen it shows :   “ System clock is locked “  and   “ Sync source :  Word clock “   ( Word clock  being an Aes16e card in the computer )   …   and the connections window in Cubase shows it as connected  (  and the " send “ in Cubase is also activated  )  .     But the effects aren’t working  (  as has happened at times when I have had clocking issues before the net result being – clocking issue /  the effect not working so no signal beyond that point  )  

      At this stage I have not tried reinitialising any further as I am not sure what the results of point number 4 are ??  …  does it remove the factory presets or only  any programs I have stored myself ( I have in fact only used the factory presets in their original form and so have made no modifications to them )    ??    Could you advise me if you think it relevant to try point number 4 and what it’s consequences are or should I be concentrating on clocking now   ??

      And about the levels before connecting equipment  …..  you are entirely right   !!   …  I have been lulled into a false sense of security by having things going fairly well for a while    !!       thanks for the reminder    !!

      Your assistance is much appreciated ,

      Thanks .

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      Eventide Staff

      Point 4 will blow away any presets you have stored yourself – it sounds like you are in reasonable state.

      The EXT light will flash if any routed input is unlocked, whether or not you are actually using it. So, your options are:

      a) Ignore it.

      b) Spend a few happy hours going through all the routings and unrouting anything you don't need.

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