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Typically, if you have problems or need support for a second hand unit, you should refer to your vendor. Especially when the unit has not been manufactured for a number of years. Our Web Site normally only has manuals for units that are in current or recent production.

However, to try and help you, there is no on-board switch for "self-termination." There is an internal  jumper (labelled JP250, on the motherboard,  near the BNC socket) that controls termination. This jumper is normally installed, enabling termination. But, because the use of internal jumpers is fiddly, we normally recommend the use of external terminators – see the H8000FW manual for more information.

Pops or other artifacts do indeed suggest sync probems. If you have no luck with WordClock, I would recommend that you use AES as a sync source. It is also possible that you have a hardware problem with the unit, but it is more likely that it is a matter of learning how to use it.