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effects processors are very different from computers. They have a much smaller operative system and do not need to install & run applications made by third parties.

They only use one type of files…presets that are native to them. So you won't find a system status backup in any unit because it's useless. You can backup the following:



Setups are system parameters under the LEVELS/SETUP keys) ans reflect the way you may have specifically set your unit (levels, MIDI, etc.).

These 2 areas are the only ones yo may need to backup and tit's possible using a card.

Talking about backups. Cards may fail or be lost or else. A real backup would require different copies on different cards.


the fact your card works on your pc doesn't mean it's compatible with any electronic device out there. Infact it surely isn't. All cards are different in term of speed and other technical aspects we won't get into here as there is no way you can tell a card from another, unfortunately.

The manual has a list of tested compatible cards. Big cards are not needed. A 16 or 32 MB card is all you ever need. Small cards may be hard to find these days. So try to stay low, around 256MB or 512MB. Such large capacities won't be used by Eclipse as its datas are very light.

The fact in one of your postings you stated you got a data corruption warning means the data you have copied to the card are corrupted. It may well be that those presets available on the web are are corrupted, some of them at least are. You should not use them.

So, the possibility that the card is incompatible (very high as a system installation using the card is extremely fast) and/or corrupted data are the causes of the problem. The presets may also be fine (not corrupted) but may result corrupted because of an incompatible card.

As stated before we (yes I work for Eventide and create the sounds on these machines) do not support third parties presets up/download. Some of these presets are available on the website simply as part of a sharing activity from our previous Yahoo group. I provided you the correct instruction, nevertheless, to upload them. Your card is failing as it's clearly incompatible.

Back to backups:

having stated that anything you have tried (copying presets/upgrading the system (please stay on the last public 3.1 OS version-no need to test 3.5 at the moment)/presets backup) fails because of the card, there is some knowledge you may take advantage of.

You do not need system backups because system doesn't fail as your Windows computer does. You have OS available and installable from cards and computers. You can backup presets and setups (these are YOUR datas). System doesn't need to be reinstalled.It's stable. The only problem may be a hardware malfunction and reinstalling the system is part of the diagnostic process…but that is a totally different story that doesn't belong to backup habits.

 For support reasons we often ask to describe what and how the user is doing. This is very importtnat because by getting the step-by-step description of what the user does, we can try to replicate a problem and understand if it's a unit bug, defect or a user error. That's the reason why you got specific questions. Please get in the habitb to narrow down to specific answers to such questions as this will speed things up dramatically- It's important.

 I suggest you try a different card. That will very likely solve your learning troubles.