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Hi Alvin

the routing and the algorithms flexable structures allow the user any possible combination, within the architecture design.

8 I/Os per DSP means 8 mono track or 4 stereo ones or a combo of mono/stereo tracks can be processed at the same time. This possibility is made real by the algorithms structures…that is you need an algorithm that does process 4 stereo tracks or else. Many algorithms are ready for this and you can modify them or build new ones w/Vsigfile editor.

An important aspect is that no matter how many internal software I/Os the unit has, there are only and always a max of 8 physical I/O to connect the unit to the outside world in digital or analog domains.

The good is the 8 outputs can accept two sources so each output can be fed by both DSPs outputs, one per each DSP, effectively allowing parallel processing of 16 dsp channels. These will be summed in 8 outputs.

You can use the 2 DSPs in series or in parallel…or in any other possibility….

imagine how many routing/processing flavors you may end up with an H8000FW.

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