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      I just wonder how many effects could possibly be applied to a single track at the same time? Is it one per processor or one per channel?

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      which Eventide product are you referring to?

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      Oh yeah sorry, I am refering to the H8000FW. I'm not sure how the rounting works, the manual says each dsp has 8ins and outs. So in laymans terms does this mean each dsp can process for instance, 4 stereo tracks with a single algorithm processing them? So if you had the 4 stereo tracks going through both dsps 2 algorithms is the most that you can route across the channels? Or am I missing something and is it possible to run more algorithms at once.

      Thanks, Alvin

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      I'm referring to The H8000FW. Correct me if I am wrong but reading through the manual I gather this, each dsp can process 8 channels or 4 stereo tracks. So if you lets say, route 4 stereo tracks through both Dsps. the max algorithms you can route a track through is 2 ? Or am I missing something.

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      Hi Alvin

      the routing and the algorithms flexable structures allow the user any possible combination, within the architecture design.

      8 I/Os per DSP means 8 mono track or 4 stereo ones or a combo of mono/stereo tracks can be processed at the same time. This possibility is made real by the algorithms structures…that is you need an algorithm that does process 4 stereo tracks or else. Many algorithms are ready for this and you can modify them or build new ones w/Vsigfile editor.

      An important aspect is that no matter how many internal software I/Os the unit has, there are only and always a max of 8 physical I/O to connect the unit to the outside world in digital or analog domains.

      The good is the 8 outputs can accept two sources so each output can be fed by both DSPs outputs, one per each DSP, effectively allowing parallel processing of 16 dsp channels. These will be summed in 8 outputs.

      You can use the 2 DSPs in series or in parallel…or in any other possibility….

      imagine how many routing/processing flavors you may end up with an H8000FW.

      Does this answer your question?

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       Let me specify what an algorithm is, on the H8000FW.

      A structure of modules providing more than a single FX can be an algorithm.

      So 2 algorithms may give you 10, 12 or even 15/16 fx as a general possibility of calculations. The number of fx fitting in an algorithm depends on the size of each fx and its impact on the DSPs resources. You can have 4 monster quality stereo reverbs, or 8 excellent ones….or 12/14 good ones….. depending on their design.

      It's an open universe that can be managed using resources in many different ways.


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      is there somewhere that lists all the possible modules that can be used once inside the VSIG editor?

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      if you install Vsigfile on your pc it will provide a full list of modules w/description in its help file.

      Please give it a try.


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      As a new user of the H8000 can somebody explain if this is possible… I have set up the routing via ADT and synced succesfully and i understand the 2 processors and the way programs work.

      is it possible to create a program that includes say presets  Breathing Canyon 2,2 and Blues Heart 2,2 so I can use this and take up just one processor leaving the other free? Is this possible with VSIG? (I'm on a mac unfortunatley).

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       Hi John

      welcome to the Eventide land!

      The H8000 is a monster of power as you have already noticed. Variety of presets and fx is outstanding and the fact you can create/mod your own is definitely unique.

      Nevertheless all planet earth things have limitations, no matter how big/powerful/updated something could be. Your 8 cores MacPro might be a lot for you…but somebody else would love a 32 cores version of it…as the current one feels limited….and so on….

      There are a number of different resources the DSPs need to take care of. Once any of these is exhausted…amen…an algorithm can't run. You can try things in Vsig but they might not run on the Eventide. Remember…Vsig doesn't tell you a structure is too large. Only uploading it to the machine will tell you IF it runs.

      Based on my knowledge, BLUES HEART is a VIRTUAL RACK of respectable size. It may be impossible to load the 2 together…but trying is the definitive way to find out.

      Vsig can do it (on Windows).

      have fun!

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